Woodenboat show PS1
PocketShip #1 CLC

What is a PocketShip?

PocketShip sailboat kit and information:

I will start out by including the description given by John Harris of Chesapeake Light Craft out of Annapolis, MD on the product page –

“PocketShip” is a small cruising sailboat of refined model, meant to sail well on all points, provide dry camping accommodations for two adults, and tow behind a four-cylinder car. More than 60 are sailing or under construction on six continents.

…PocketShip is stiff and fast and tacks through 90 degrees.  The helm is light and the boat will spin nearly in its own length in both light and heavy air and with a variety of sail combinations.  We are thrilled with performance and handling—all expectations have been exceeded.  The boat’s speed under sail startles larger and more pretentious boats.”

Plans as well as various levels of kits are available through Chesapeake Light Craft (CLC) here.

Pocketship line drawing
Make sure you have this much room to build this sailboat and ESPECIALLY to get the boat out! If your garage or build space is too short in height, there are options to make the tabernacle removable allowing for standard 7′ garage door heights.
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