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10/14/21 – Hull panels are stitched on

I got the hull panels stitched on today. Other than some wire breakage everything lined up perfectly and only needed to drill a few additional holes to pull some pieces together better.

Lower hull panels already attached to the keelson and slotted in floor support #4. Right after this I sanded the other supports.
Clamps holding the lower panel in alignment as stitching progresses
Both lower panels attached
Looking towards the bow. Steam was needed on the bow section to get that lower swept curve to happen but I followed up with some extra to ensure the front seam came together without too much stress.
Clamped the bulkheads in place to transfer the angles to the shear clamps. II removed them and replaced after the block plane work was done.
Looking towards bow over floor support #7. Other floor supports just placed into the hull to get a visual idea.
Looking from the front. The blocks seen along the seam are to help pull the panels into alignment

Stopping here for the day.

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