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10/16/21 – Beer Delay and then I stand inside the PocketShip for the first time

I was behind in the brewing due to some project or another 😀 The beer delay was initiated after two of the kegs had kicked. The batch this time was a Moose Slobber clone and after a late start, ran way into the evening.

I started out the following morning early and checked fermentation, caffeinated myself, and got back to the garage.

The Sapele transom was attached temporarily with screws
First time fully inside the boat hull. It was surprisingly stable for as little structure reinforcing it is there for the moment.
Forward bulkhead #1 stitched in. The gap you see at the bottom will reduce after the next bulkhead #2 goes in
Shear clamp had already been epoxied to the top and cured before the angle was transferred.
Panel #2 is attached
Rest of the panels and floor supports stitched. You can see a slight gap on the transom. I still had to transfer the hull angles and plane to match
Angle looking towards the bow.
Looking back towards the stern
Final view before calling it a day.
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