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10/17/21 – PocketShip has its first day outside

Unseasonably warm fall day

It was a perfect day to do some garage cleanup and get some fresh air. It was also the first day rolling back out of the garage since the pallets showed up, although in a more three-dimensional fashion. The breeze, sun, and ability to easily get to all the stitches was nice. I had headed back out to the garage to glue a lot of the seams last night.

Sun, leaves, and neighbors asking questions.
The garage was completely swept, unnecessary tools put away, and overall cleanup. I then proceeded to cut the stitches.
Some of the stitches were left in and additional epoxy beads were added to those areas. I cut down thee rolling work table a bit as well to increase garage space now that most large panel work is complete. This also reduces the available dumping ground for tools that should get put away after use.

Wind picked up blowing lots of leaves back into the garage. I did another sweep, quick blow with the blower and quickly rolled the boat back in. Success. I took it easy for the remainder of the day.

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