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10/6/21 – Reinforcement of the Cradle

Send in the reinforcements – for the PocketShip cradle

I utilized scrap from the PocketShip shipping pallet to add some structural strength and reinforcement to the cradle. The reinforcement will hopefully help with moving around the PocketShip from side to side inside the garage. One of the biggest concerns is rolling it out around the driveway when I can get outside for sanding.

The scraps were glued and screwed while keeping away from the ‘working’ edges of the cradle to not impact the stitch and glue process.

Back of Bow arm – It might help and it might not, but the reinforcements will help ease my mind.
View of Stern arms to the rear.

I took an early night and did some cleanup of the space to prep for laying out the plastic to join and laminate the bigger pieces that form the hull. The centerboard is still curing and waiting for the final sand.

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