Woodenboat show PS1

10/7/21 – Puzzle pieces start to come together

It is time for the puzzle pieces to come together to make the necessary full size pieces. I have finally started rejoining the flat stock to make panels long enough to produce a hull. The fit on the puzzle pieces really does make a difference. Dry, the puzzle pieces will barely budge but slather on epoxy and hammer with a good wood mallet, they are together. I have clamped them as suggested to produce a tighter bond and reduce the amount of sanding required.

Puzzle jointed panels for the hull.

You really do need a large flat space to assemble these panels to produce a PocketShip. In the picture above you can really appreciate the grain of the Okoume with the wide sweeping arcs and whorls.

The first hull section epoxied and joined, allowing it to cure overnight.

I can tell this process is going to take a while to complete for all the pieces. Then it is time to sand the joints smooth and continue on.

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