Woodenboat show PS1

10/8/21 – It is still puzzling – the joining continues

I was able to get all of the remaining puzzle pieces joined and curing today. They’ll cure overnight and hopefully be almost ready for sanding tomorrow. I also cut the angles on the floorboard cleats and re-drilled the necessary stitching holes. I’ll get the un-thickened epoxy on those pieces shortly.

These were small enough in width to get two panels clamped together.
The final curing happens off to the side. I need the space people!
The final puzzle piece clamped and curing overnight. I’m calling it for the evening here in the ship as I have a few more annual performance reviews to complete. Remember, work wins priority. (and helps pay for this endeavor in the end)

I plan on sanding and glassing some tomorrow along with routing some rounded edges on the interior facing cleats.

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