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11/20/21 – Flooring

Today was focused on continuation of flooring the interior sole of the PocketShip.

i created a cardboard template using the tick stick method to get the wood pieces close to where they needed to be.
i decided to get some Meranti to add an accent as well as give me a more fair curve than what I could get with the kit cut Cypress planks.
The blue tape from each floor support gave me a way to estimate how far I needed to trim the boards back.
I used a strip left from cutting the mast to get a fair curve and traced it with a pencil. I then cut the pieces closer to the final outline.
The lift out section for the extra ballast completed on the starboard side. When the wood is routered, sanded, and oiled I’ll add bronze screws that have been snipped flush to maintain the lines visually.

I was pleasantly surprised that Home Depot had some very clear grained Meranti wood stock available locally about ten minutes from the house. I need to grab another piece to finish up and then I can continue the port side.

Lift out sections for bilge access

Were you wondering where to put the lift out sections? Here’s a thread on some options beyond the manual and plans – http://www.pocketship.net/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=589&p=2333&hilit=cabin+sole#p2333

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