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9/30/21 – PocketShip Delays due to Work

I suppose this will be an ongoing issue going forward but it was definitely to be expected. Work wins priority as I am not anywhere near retirement. This PocketShip build will see very likely see random delays due to work and life requirements. I have to present the Fy21 Q4 business review today as well as chase some hiring requisitions. Annual reviews are in process as well.

This morning while coffee was starting to kick in I hit the garage and pulled the temp screws from the nose block and cleaned up some epoxy. I marked out exact locations for the blocks and double checked the hole alignment for the centerboard pivot. I am ready to glue the blocking, sides and centerboard together. Due to concerns with making sure the keel is dead straight, I’m not going to rush this part of the process. I have some concerns with maintaining alignment of the keel blocks since they tend to really slide with larger amounts of epoxy. There are some areas of the build that I will really slow down and triple check things, where other areas I’ll be more confident with.

PocketShip Keel component layout
The initial layout before gluing nose block last night. Note the 1/2″ gap with the rear posts which will allow for the 1/2″ plywood cap that gets glued in over the cast lead and gets covered while providing a structure to attach the keelson to in the end.
Glued nose block and spacer block
The Spacer block is cut and glued in where that will fill the gap between the nose block and the centerboard trunk. I used left over, thickened epoxy to fill the remaining holes for drilling out pivot points.

Reminder to self – Epoxy still must cure, sometimes PocketShip build delays due to work or sleep are not always a bad thing.
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