Woodenboat show PS1

10/1/21 – Prep for Lead

PocketShip Final steps in keel preparation – assemble the keel after work

Upside down keel after epoxying the sides on, verifying that there were no missed gaps.
Correct and upright keel curing. Rounding over the edges will be next.

Swearing commenced

I went back after dinner to round over the edges. I had my first swear session during the build. The bearing on the 1/2″ roundover bit slipped under the plywood edge and dug in too deep about a 1/3 of the way down on the side at the edge of the centerboard slot. I stopped immediately and adjusted the depth back a hair and continued on. I took a deep breath knowing I could fix it but would save it for the morning.

router gouge
I will let you know and share in my mistakes or difficulties. It’s a good teaching aid for others. I could have panicked but knew it was wood and will be painted. Until the morning…
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