Woodenboat show PS1

11/18/21 – Sun, warmth, and a mast

I shaped the mast today while the unseasonably warm day provided time outside. Of course this required joining wood to make 16 foot long pieces through scarfing. I had some other pieces of wood for the cleats that I wanted to take the time and round over while I was at it. The goal was to make as much sawdust outside before the temps made it difficult. The idea of putting 16′ through a bandsaw in a 20′ garage made me realize I had not much other option.

Scarfed with a block plane and belt sander
I could use a few extra sawhorses for this job.
long lumber with thickened epoxy curing
Shaping of the narrower boards is still needed and then assembly can occur after some table saw cuts. The scale of the project was obvious once I stood the sticks up against the house.

Temps will drop 20* back to average tomorrow but I will get the ‘long work’ wrapped up before the incoming storm arrives. I’ll then focus on floorboards.

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