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10/30/21 – Sandman

Much sanding was to be had. I’ve discovered I rather spend time sanding and prepping wood than time sanding globby glass and rock-hard epoxy.

Much sanding was to be had
Rear compartment starting to get epoxy fills. Sapele has some nice grain depth when coated.
Much sanding was to be had
Much sanding was to be had
While that cures I’m giving everything a sand prepping for the glass. I held off on the fillet smoothing until last.
Much sanding was to be had
All areas vacuumed well and prepped for glass tomorrow.

I’m nearing the end of the first 5 gallons of LV epoxy. I’m assuming that will be finished off after the final epoxy application inside the hull.

Sanding suggestions

Use good sanders. Buy good sandpaper. Change it often. Vacuum up the dust as you go, preferably with a HEPA vac. The additional cost of good paper will offset wasted time sanding. It yields a better finish as well. Remember, good epoxy work yields less cleanup, less sanding, and better application of fiberglass.

I filled the second bag with the 4 gallon vac this evening. That’s a bit of dust being captured. Much more dust to come.

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