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10/28/21 – PocketShip Electrical design

How much can I fit in there?

The goal is to not go ‘overboard’ with the PocketShip Electrical design by jamming everything and the kitchen sink into a small pocket cruiser. I want to focus on the sailing and enjoyment part. I am planning on having sufficient power for cruising and overnight/weekend capabilities. This includes the necessary night navigation lights, anchor lights, cabin lights, and ‘entertainment’ with comms capability. I am not an electrical engineer (more network and systems engineer) but I do know how to do research and can easily understand requirements and codes we have to meet. I have been IPC Mil-Spec certified and taught acceptability courses, done some residential, automotive, and hobby electrical work. That caveat aside, I present the simplified design for wiring up the boat.

PocketShip Dreams Won't Wait electrical design
‘Simplified’ design with key component callouts

Coming up

I will go into depth on the components I chose in the near future, where I know I went with additional overhead for capacity, and how I will go about with implementation based off of this PocketShip Electrical design. I may create a page with links to the products if I find that was of interest. I will also reference training/books/videos that I found very helpful designing from the ground up. I will add those links to the PocketShip resources page as well here: https://dreamswontwait.com/helpful-pocketship-resources/

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