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10/27/21 – Working Stem to Stern

Glassing the section at the transom

I started working stem to stern today. I don’t technically have a physical stem on the boat in a classical sense. I suppose one could argue we are building one up with the epoxy fillets on the inside of the bow. I grabbed the sanding gear after work today and prepped the rear-most section for glass.

Working Stem to stern
Part of the way through sanding the fillets smooth before laying out the glass. Minimal touch up was needed here
Working Stem to stern
Laying out the glass and cutting in darts. I smoothed out the glass with a clean brush to remove any wrinkles. I really prefer working with a tighter weave and lighter weight fiberglass. I’ll be happy when I’m done with the roll of 6 oz.
Working Stem to stern
Laminate coat for the first interior hull section is done. I’ll be coming back to laminate the other half before starting the fill coats. I can’t wait until I can start putting weight on the hull panels and move around on more than the keelson and floor supports after glass is on and cured. There is a long way to go but I’m approaching it a segment at a time.

The Nor’easter this week really made me happy that I have a garage available to work in. In the not so distant past I would have been working under a car canopy that would have taken flight with these winds and rain.

Construction thoughts of the day

Today I was already a bit cranky with work issues and then decided to take some frustration out with sanding. Apparently my headspace was already not so positive and carried into my thoughts. I was thinking several things. I hate sanding. I hate fiberglass. I hate fillets. That made me think if I built again I would want to just build a ‘wood’ boat. I also hate sanding things as part of maintenance, so I probably would be still putting a layer of glass and epoxy to seal everything anyways. It’s just a phase today and I know I don’t hate all of the aforementioned tasks. If I need a break from the glassing I’ll just work out the electrical design and requirements a bit more. I will be posting the general design shortly for feedback and/or suggestions.

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