Woodenboat show PS1

10/24/21 – Go go gadget arms, I can reach

Fillets and stretches

I can’t be the only person who has thought about finding a small child with epoxy application skills for doing the forward bow compartment of the PocketShip. I’m kidding but not. A guy with a barrel chest and broad shoulders finds this pretty tight working quarters. My arm can fit through the hole but I can’t see then. The arms aren’t long enough to easily reach the bottom from the top. I’m resigned to the fact that this area won’t really be seen again, but I’ll know what lies beneath.

It was hard enough to get the tape in place.
Tape all the things, final prep for fillets. As of the evening all of the tape is gone and the fillets are down and curing.

Neighbor popped by to see progress while I was working

I suppose it’s been a while since he last came by to see the boat. He walks in and repeats, “Holy Shit!” many, many times. “It looks like a boat, holy shit” I think the last time he saw things I had finished the keel and epoxied the hull panels. 2D goes to 3D immediately after that point. Ha, having others’ perspectives helps you understand how far you’ve come in a short while.

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