Woodenboat show PS1
Garage before

9/14/21 – 9/22/21 – First of several curveballs – more honey-dos on the list

I had to move the brewing equipment upstairs to make a truly dirty space available. That involved getting rid of the slate 8′ pool table. Then it involved buying cabinets and a countertop, electrical work, sheetrock, and lots of heavy lifting. Oh, and side woodwork project of finishing a butcher block top. Sand, oil, wax the acacia.

Then install

Next move fridge up from garage
I never want to move a fridge up stairs ever again

next, install first set of cabinets that wouldn’t fit upstairs where the fridge used to be

Next… she decides we should repeat the process on the other side of the room
Can I start building the boat yet? Nope. more organization to go. move all the brew stuff upstairs.
pool table support would make a nice build table – and…go.
Next move all the timber to the ‘pool’ table.

I got tired of moving that around like that so ordered some wood racks for safer storage.

had to move a few surfboards to clear some space for it. All of the timber wouldn’t fit so there’s another rack above the garage door now.
how it used to be

how it worked out – 12′ x 20′ build envelope, much better than I expected

heavy paper going down on the floor to protect from epoxy and add a layer to slow heat transfer when it’s cold
I can work with this space. ouch, and everything hurts after all the heavy lifting and moving stuff around. Can I build yet?
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