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10/3/21 – Keelson is attached

Keelson is going on first thing this morning

I suppose one could argue that the first part of the hull is attached properly now.  The keelson is what mates the keel to the rest of hull. I unclamped everything before my first coffee of the day and did a quick sand to level the caps where needed.  A bit of sanding of the inside edges of the keelson was needed before being able to safely slide it down over the centerboard box and the rest of the keel.  Thickened epoxy was mixed up and it was the first time I used a pastry bag to spread across the surfaces followed by a brush before mating.

Drywall screws are holding the keelson flat against the keel while the epoxy cures.  The boards alongside the centerboard box are holding down the areas with pressure that are too thin to screw down. A very good cleanup of squeeze out was done early on to reduce my visual distress as well as unnecessary sanding afterwards. 
The dreaded pointy end of the keelson is being held flush against the keel with screws and my shop apron.  I’m wondering how many people have broken that part off to date since it sticks out so precariously and is rather thin in width towards the end.  The bottom of the keelson already had a thin coat of un-thickened epoxy when I had a bit left over so that part already feels stronger even though there is not glass on it yet. 

Onwards to finishing up the Centerboard

While the keelson cures I’m going to route out the centerboard for epoxy fortification since I live on a rocky coast. 

Taped along trailing edge and filled the cut channel with thickened epoxy

Once that is done I’ll start pre-coating the allowed and recommended pieces for the hull with glass and epoxy.  I’m hoping to drop a lot of the wood in the pallet stack into smaller pieces and get those stored up on the racks where possible.  Once I clear that space I’ll assemble the cradle. That will mean that we have officially reached the end of Chapter 1!

Fixed router mistake – remember to not panic!
Cleaned up a bit and ready to start glassing hull parts shortly.

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