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10/4/21 – PocketShip, Chapter 1 – the end is nigh

A quick update since Mondays are my big work days including prep for presentations with the CIO the following morning: The completed keel is back on the ground and I took care of foiling the centerboard. The foiling was a bit more of a workout than I expected. I probably took longer than most doing the work since I automatically went into sculptor and surfboard shaper mode. I can rough things in quickly but slow down into refinement mode. Once I have glass on both sides of the centerboard we will have reached the end of the first chapter. Chapter 1 ends and hull construction begins.

Leading edge of the centerboard

See the pile of wood in the upper right-hand corner of the pic above? That’s cut out scraps from the CNCed pieces. With the cost of marine plywood you don’t want to risk needing something cut out to do a repair, build a needed item, or start a side project, and not have any on hand. That pile needs to get cleaned and sorted so I can break down the pallets underneath. That takes up very valuable 4’x8′ floor space where the hull will be assembled and worked around.

Leading edge flowing into the trailing edge of the centerboard.

Something I was very happy with, was the overall level I managed to pour the lead at into the centerboard. There was very little cleanup needed to make it flush as you can see from brighter spots in the rectangle. The wood definitely scorched and discolored around the pour, but that’s a mark of history of the creation. That’s character.

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