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11/4/21 – Drainage update

How am I getting drainage in the aft sealed compartment?

It took a bit of scratching of the noggin and climbing into the boat with the pieces to figure things out.

I have two of these garboard drains with a 2 inch diameter flange.

A two inch flange won’t really fit in the space between the floor support cleat and the keelson section for bulkhead #8.

I figured when I ordered them I would cut the flange down for the aft area. The forward bulkhead will be an easy and flush install.

If the flange had four holes I would have taken it from the both top and bottom.

The flange had three holes so I ended coming up with another plan. I subtracted an arc from the cleat with the handheld belt sander. I cleaned up the epoxy fill around that area and blender a depression in the upper area.

A tight space below the cleat
I will go back and epoxy here to seal before drilling and installation
After I drill I will do some further blending before adding more epoxy.

This will get me the lowest water height drainage in this compartment. If I need to ever drain this area, I will need to pull two floorboards aft of the centerboard. It’s a minor inconvenience to get the most water possible out.

Some wood removal and the bottom edge cut from the flange makes it fit
Will bed and screw in after epoxy coats are finished
While the tools are out, install the bow compartment drain under the anchor well.
Much easier process here up front. Also, notice something looking like an engraved ‘1’? make sure you save yourself some time and double check the label directions and place into the enclosed areas. It is one more spot to fill and fair.

Why bother?

I am laughing since I realize many people probably think this guy is going crazy with excess detail. I’m an engineer, an artist, a dreamer, and someone who will overthink things. I am working on anticipating anything and make my life easier in the future. I have not owned a boat before but I want to learn everything as I go through the build process.

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