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11/6/21 – 11/7/21 – nearing the end of the internal lower hull glassing

A bit late in some updates but I’ve gone back to no-rush to make sure I have less sanding to do for cleanup.

I spent most of the weekend sanding and doing the floor glassing.

I decided that the electric scissors was what changed my thoughts on glassing in difficult spaces. Let’s do this.
If I felt like moving faster I would have added some fast cure hardener to get the layers down faster. I used the slow cure to ensure a better penetration of the wood and a more manageable glassing experience.
I stopped between bulkhead 2 and floor 3 for the evening. I needed somewhere to stand so allowing what was there to cure was a good idea.

Saturday evening/Sunday morning I worked on some panel layouts. This configuration will invariably change and already had done so.

Cardboard was so much easier to work with for figuring the layout than using scrap plywood. I will be shrinking the width overall a bit. One of the main considerations with the panel is the small amount of space between the port side opening and the panel that makes up the support for the anchor well/deck.
Inside the panel box will be the interconnects via distribution blocks and I’m sure layout will be further adjusted. Everything will be fused with a main breaker disconnect.

I may pull the additional voltmeter in the 12V DC accessory panel and replace with an additional set of USB charge ports, but that might be easier to see from the cockpit for a quick voltage check than the battery monitor. I decided to not add a stereo unit since I have found the portable bluetooth speakers are loud enough especially in a smaller space. I was unhappy with the thought of having to either block speakers with structures or have them stand proud of panels. The VHF radio will occupy a portion of the open space left in the panel configuration. There will be a dimmer on/off switch for the LED lighting and a selector switch for red or white illumination.

After coffee I hit the hull again. and started working forward towards the bow.

It is a rather uncomfortable space to work in, particularly leaning on a thin ply bulkhead.
There will be quite a bit of sanding cleanup in this area.
No, really don’t make me work in there! Okay, fine but only to finish the boat.
It is a really good feeling getting towards the end of this process. More sanding and a good vacuum and then I can start building up coats of epoxy to smooth out the surfaces prepping for paint. I will have some additional cleanup and rounding out of the limber holes again. I cut the glass from the conduit run holes as they started to cure reducing effort later. I need to stop here for the weekend.
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