Woodenboat show PS1

11/9/21 – Save yourself

Do yourself a favor and sacrifice a pool noodle to make for a more comfortable sanding experience as you work forward. The discomfort that I felt while applying glass in this area made me think about what could be done to improve the situation. I remembered we had some spare pool noodles and cut one into sections prior to starting the sanding process. Instant relief was had and we laughed and laughed. Okay, no we just sanded.

Pool noodles over the hard edges can help save your upper body from excessive discomfort while trying to reach into the compartment.

Prep for epoxy fill coats

I removed all of the unnecessary items from inside the hull area and sanded, sanded some more, and then vacuumed everything twice. I mixed up a few batches of epoxy with a bit of fast cure hardener added to allow for faster re-coating of the glassed areas. I used a spreader first and then rolled out the epoxy but focused only on the starboard side. I stopped after two batches since I started work late after dinner this evening and have another busy work day tomorrow.

I love how a quick coat of epoxy returns the grain and beauty of the wood after sanding. I will be switching to a brush for the detail areas as needed. Several coats will be required before the final fairing. You can see some of the orange peel effect from the buildup of epoxy layers back in the stern lazarette section that will quickly knock down to a smooth surface with a final sand. Having the vertical surfaces of the outer hull already glassed cuts down on a LOT of stress and work while avoiding any epoxy runs in the finish.
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