Woodenboat show PS1

12/19/21 – catching up starting now…

Starting to catch up on posts – there’s quite a few days of updates to share and this will take a while. Between the holidays and work, I fell behind. Progress paused a bit but not by much.

I taped and covered the rear part of the sole to prep for adding the deck. A little bit of additional trimming was needed to get things lined up on the centerline.

need to protect the sole from epoxy from above.
Centerboard sheave in place. I ran line before sealing up the centerboard to avoid shenanigans trying to get over the pulley.
The blue tape was having trouble sticking to the paint inside the cabin. That bodes well for easy cleanup and wiping down as needed.

The following day 12/21/21 I took a break and grabbed a pic off the cam while relaxing. For reference I’m 5′ 11″ in height. Plenty of space sideways or with my legs down the sides in two person sleeping configuration running fore and aft.

Drew shown full-size for scale.
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