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12/11/21 – PocketShip Paint and more

Still here and still working

The PocketShip paint is layering.

Drain in aft compartment, if it was ever needed, additional work to add it but if water ends up there cleanout will be easier. I’m not going to do the additional floors in the compartment.
Glands to allow wire passthrough for stern light and power from gen on outboard.
Smurf tube to provide support and protection for wires
Additional holes added and epoxied to allow for bilge hose above conduit
Had some closed cell foam around and started floatation buildout in the bow with tunnel for the access needed later. Some additional fills later and some more stacked on top before attaching the deck.
tracing out the cleat locations before initial deck epoxy application to allow for knowing where to screw through the deck properly. Weight helps avoid shifting during the process.
Planning out hatch locations to add additional supports while things are accessible.
Bow deck interior facing side first epoxy coat on
Aft supports are epoxied. Footwell sides and bottom epoxy is curing. I will sand and pre-paint as much as I can

Planning as much of everything before sealing in the floor and deck

There are so many parts and pieces that appear to have to go in order, in a proper sequence, while things are being built. I could add things later but then the puzzle is less fun.

MFD is alive and the NMEA 2000 network is as well. I am already at a point of drilling a hole in the bottom of the boat while I have the critical access. I took the time/cost and upgraded from a plastic through-hull sleeve to bronze since this is a wood boat with wood core between fiberglass layers. I am not risking a plastic cracked housing due to expansion.

Sale on Sails

A running ‘joke’ was me not being allowed to sew my sails. I can sew more than most and own a heavy duty sewing machine. I was told no because my hobbies were already taking up too many rooms of the house and it would take time away from the build proper. I still need to work a day job too, after all.

CLC still had their sale on the Main and Jib sails – tanbark was ordered course, since that was one of the things that drew me to the first images of the PocketShip. Despite many items on orders being back-ordered from multiple vendors, things are coming together pretty good. I can say beyond a few smaller things here and there, it is the trailer and outboard remaining.

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