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12/16/21 – Cold weather slows things down – sort of…

You know what? Cold weather really slows PocketShip projects down. In particular I need to complete the varnishing of the floor. I got one coat on and about skunked the house out. The garage sits under our bedroom. The varnish vapors made their way up through the cracks easily. I took the next balmy 45* day to move the pieces outside to off-gas a bit more. It helped but the garage still has a fresh varnish scent. We’ve got snow coming the next few days as well. I may go ahead and install the boards and add some additional coats when it’s warmer. Once I get the wiring installed though, I’ll be moving onto Chapter 3. I can’t put this project on hold.

This post shows that I’ve been all over the place with many parts of the boat build process. Most of the rigging and hardware has made it out of backorder land but some things are still still pending.

Bow Flotation

Bow section loaded with closed-cell foam for flotation.

Centerboard Sheave

Sheave holes are widened, I still need to fill with epoxy to re-drill to final size. The wood shims are getting attached during that process.


Sole sanded and ready for varnish.

Bilge pump routing

Bilge exit placement leading to footwell and then scuppers. Backflow valves on both the port and the line

Cockpit deck prep

Lines showing where to drill for attaching the deck to the cleats. Another coat of epoxy will go on.

Wire routing

There he goes again, adding more holes. One hole added for NMEA 2K cable to the transducer and another one for the bilge pump wiring. The ENT conduit will provide sufficient support and protection for additional wiring as needed. I was going to do PVC but this was much easier to route and cost about the same. Epoxy coating for those holes and remaining screw holes to be puttied.

Biggest hole in the hull yet

Did I panic starting this hole? Not really, but I did take a deep breath. This will be filled with epoxy afterwards and drilled back out to final size and additional fairing for the transducer.

Look kids, the garage floor
Transducer blank with bronze through-hull
Transducer – well its the blanking plug for the moment. The DST 810 triducer has a 40* beam width, I have 50 degrees to the start of the keel off of 90*. I may be cutting it close in proximity but the location here allowed for minimum deadrise angle and sufficient headroom to the floor. Suggested install location was a foot or two ahead of the keel.
General positioning of the bilge pump and the float switch. The switch will be mounted 180* from how it sits.
Better view of the conduit and bilge hose and exit.

Onto rigging

Started some of the rigging prep tasks while waiting for things to dry


Adding labels to the wires and organizing distribution blocks

Additional flotation and I don’t think I can get more in there

Flotation aft ready for placement after the footwell is in place
Ready to route wires tomorrow
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