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12/17/21 – Bilge before the sole

Deck plates

I decided to add some deck plates before I lose them in the shuffle in the garage. I was already using sealant with adding the bow flotation section drain, so I figured I’d keep going.

Short of adding the top deck and enclosing things, it will be watertight.
Interior paint is done for now until the cabin is enclosed
Forward compartment sole. I started here since why not, and it was easy to manage.
Bilge wiring and conduit
And progress slowed – the 4 gauge tinned wire for the battery showed up half-right. One of these is not like the other. RMA process started but I might need to just pay extra locally to get things back on track. The RMA got me the same thing again so I ended up ordering locally.
Bilge pump and float switch installed before the center floor boards go in covering the area. I can do it later but why struggle when I have full access now.
DST 810 Triducer position was filled with epoxy and drilled out to size for a watertight seal. Cables are secured and are run before the centerboard adjacent floor boards get screwed in. I removed the bronze through-hull and put in the plastic one until I finish the other side of the hull with glass and epoxy. The sensor was pulled from there and set off to the side.

I’m happy with where progress is at for the day. I have some more cable routing in the morning and then will start the remainder of the floor installation. On the other fronts, I got confirmation the sailmaker has my order, I kegged another batch of beer, and roasted several batches of coffee first thing this morning. I made good progress on a day off the normal job heading into the weekend.

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